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Do you think someone will buy my C++ source code of a backtest/trade system?

Hi all,
This is not an AD, but I'm asking your opinion whether someone may be interested in my system, or whehter it's worth that I do some work to find a buyer. This is a backtesting and trade system, not strategy.
Main functions and features: * Written in C++, using Qt framework. Can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. * Console program, very fast. * Currently only support Forex, but it's easy to extend to support other markets, such as Stock. * Backtesting. Candle bar based backtesting. It's not difficult to support tick based backtesting. * Optimization. Currently only brute force is supported, but it's quite easy to plug in other methods. * Walkforward testing. * Multiple threading. OpenMp is used for multithreading, each backtesting task is allocated on a CPU core. * One robot can use multiple instruments and multiple time frames. * Live trading system. Currently Oanda REST API is implemented. One robot can place buy/sell order on different account, to avoid no-hedging limitation. I have used it on my live account, and it works well. * Any more trade platforms should be able to be integrated to the system, such as FIX, but I didnt do any investigation yet. * Some indicators are included. MA, RSI, MACD, PSAR, etc, using ta_lib. New indicators can be developed easily. * Dukascopy data download. Incremental download tick data from Dukascopy, very fast. * Oanda data download. Using Oanda REST API, incremental, very fast. * Simple charting. So the report contains a balance chart, very intuitive. * Some other features, such as convert Dukascopy tick data to internal candle binary data, convert candle data to MT4 CSV, etc. * Unit testing. Some key components are unit tested. * High quality code. I'm an experienced developer. You can check my code quality and style from my open source C++ library, cpgf, on github, though it's not finance related. * Very good performance. The bar based backtesting system is highly optimized. * Since the architecture is good, the system can be used as either a program or a library. * About 50K lines of C++ code. * I spent about one year partial time on it.
My question is, do you think anyone will be interested to buy my source code? And how much do you think I should charge for? Or beside selling the source code, what do you think I can do to earn some money via the system? My original purpose developing such a system is to use by myself, but I'm not sure when I can find a good strategy to earn some money for me.
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ENJOY THE VIDEO PLEASE LIKE SHARE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE TO DOWNLOAD Inner Light của Kevin MacLeod... This is a forex scalping strategy which uses the indicators Parabolic SAR, SAM and MACD. Since this is a scalping strategy you have to use it for currency pairs like EURUSD where the spread is less. Subscribe + Hit The Notification Bell === === and comment! #foreignexchange #forexcourse #fxcoursev. Forex strategy ADX MACD Parabolic SAR strategy In association with Intraday Trading Trick Using Macd And Psar, True Signals Only BLOG LINK - STRATEGY WITHOUT INDICATORS - In this Parabolic SAR/Ichimoku trading strategy you will find out: • How to use parabolic SAR for Forex, CFD and stock trading • What are the best parabolic ... ENJOY THE VIDEO PLEASE LIKE SHARE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE TO DOWNLOAD EDM Detection Mode của Kevin ...